missing icons

missing icons are real virtualities. They materialize the invisible, indeterminate and unimaginable. They open up radically aesthetic, provocative intermediate dimensions. They strike the sites where they appear, in their historical, social or political ambivalence.


In 2017 Andrea Knobloch and Ute Vorkoeper founded the missing icons label, which they have developed since 2013 through participation in art-in-building competitions, exhibitions and art projects in public space. In 2017 they realized the wall relief "Anomalia (Black Hole)" at the Technical University in Regensburg. In 2018/19 they stage with "Rolihlahla | Troublemaker | Troublemaker" a rough diamond on Nelson-Mandela-Platz in Nuremberg.

missing icons open up the structure of reality through pictorial-political action and remain as reliefs and thresholds, intermediate dimensions of image, writing, object and space. In them, reality opens up temporarily or - preferably - permanently. It is folded in or out and unexpectedly shows itself in its complex density and ambivalence. The result is poetic  spaces that are aesthetically seductive and theoretically disturbing. Or vice versa, depending on perspective.


For us, making art means the evident combination of aesthetic precision, theoretical reflection and political differentiation. We call the resulting image forms "missing icons" = so far missing, repressed, disappeared or outstanding images that work and last. In them we work on latent motives and ideas about which socially significant conflicts can be aptly experienced. As space-related reliefs, thresholds and passages they oscillate between dimensions and unfold painfully beautiful fields of perception and thought. They are aesthetically appealing and theoretically entangled, poetically interpretable and politically moving.

Although in the globalised world everything is recognizably intertwined and interdependent, and there can be no clear or correct positions either in real space or in terms of ideas, most political and ideological parties insist on simple opposition, identity and ideology. The struggle for the interpretation and construction of the world escalates and the own interpretation of the world is increasingly enforced ideologically totalitarian - or with brutal force.

missing icons evade ideological closure. They are denying lectures. They go astray, forcing you to jump out of the pre-track. They open image-time spaces in which, when they strike, the complexity and ambivalence of reality, the non-own opinion, the foreign, the undesired up to the blindly hated, can be endured, heard, seen and thought differently. For a future.

Andrea Knobloch + Ute Vorkoeper